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Fae Folk Ritual Oil

$25.00 AUD

The Fae folk, those who protect the woods, the flowers, the leaves. The folk who can cause mischief and chaos, but can also be there in your darkest moments, bringing you power when hope felt lost, who nuture and protect, who bring inspiration and play.

The Fae Folk Ritual oil brings this energy to those who seek it. Witchcrafted using a secret blend of herbs and oils and left to steep and grow for a full Lunar Cycle and finally bottled on the Scorpio Full Moon, where it went through it’s own ritual to connect with the energy of the Fae. These bottles are jumping with Faery energy and magick.

This oil has a deep earthy, scent, along side a mixture of magickal flowers that have been used to create it. Inside you will find crystal chips, as a beautiful offering to the fae for them to bring their magick to the oils.

A ritual Oil can be used in many ways and anyway you feel. They can anoint your magickal tools, be used as an offering to the fae when working along side them, be used to bring extra magick to plants and flowers you are wanting to grow, or even on you as perfume, if you feel you need to work with some Fae energy. The options are endless.

These oils are all vegan friendly, natural and come in 20ml bottles.