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Energy Shift - Essential Oil Blend

$16.00 AUD

We all have those days where the negative energy of those around us, the places we find ourselves in, or. even simply our own energy starts to take over and bring us down to a level we know isn’t ideal. Those days will always be there, but now we have the tool to rid ourselves of unwanted vibes. 

This roller has been witchcrafted using a blend of Sage, Frankincense and Myrhh essential oils. All of which has the power to cleanse, clear and remove unwanted energy. It’s almost like having your only little smudge stick on hand. Pieces of Amethyst are inside to bring a healing energy (for negative energy will always take away from you, so this helps to replenish). 

All rollers have been mixed with ethically sourced fractionated coconut oil.