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CUSTOM Moon Magick

$20.00 AUD

Those of us who are lucky enough to live on our beautiful planet Earth, I'm assuming that 99% of those reading this, will be aware that our Moon is a beautiful and amazing ball of light that shines brightly down on us. But that big, shiny ball has a a whole bunch of magick attached to it. Think of how the moon works with the currents in the ocean, the's pretty impressive. You know what else is made up of water? US! Spooky...but true. So doing magick using the moon can be a pretty effective experience.

Over the years I have fallen in love with Moon magick and also Green magick, using herbs, flowers and all things green to enhance my intent. So my favourite thing to do is combine the two. Each Full Moon and New Moon I create a herb jar, full of ingredients with properties specifically chosen to enhance my desires or to help release things I want to let go on.

I have been very fortunate to be able to create some magical custom pieces for people and so I thought now would be an amazing time to create one of my favourite things...for YOU!

So Custom Moon Magick. Your very own jar of herbs and flowers, with properties picked by you.

All you need to do is this.

Once you click "Yeah I'd love to buy this jar Amy" You can choose 5 properties that you want for your jar. So these could be abundance, luck with a new job, love, peace, healing, banishing negativity, increase in psychic powers, happiness and on on and on this list could go. The world is your oyster.

THEN you tell me if you want the herbs crushed up or if you want to give them a go yourself (this will place intent from your end so its something to think about).

Please let me know if these are any herbs or flowers that you are like "hell no" be ist allergies or simply just not a fan.

Then let me work my magick, create your jar and send it your way.

and guess what...what Amy?...well each order will come with it's own crystal, intuitively picked by me, for you.

The jars will also come with information about what ingredients was used and what you need to do at your end.

Oh and...I'll throw in a charcoal disk so you can get those bad boys burning.

Now these jar are to be used at a New Moon or Full Moon, so really have a think about what you want to bring in, let go of or a bit of both.

Any questions once you receive your jar, find me on Instagram or Facebook and ask away!

All jars will go through their own ritual and cleanse before send off and all Crystals will have been cleansed and charged under a Full Moon.

Have fun and enjoy that beautiful Moon Magick!