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Calm Balm

$15.00 AUD

Your little Magickal helper in a cute pink tin.

This balm combines three of my most used and favourite Magickal oils that I feel go so perfectly together to help you chill and recentre yourself on those days where things are abit crazy. 

This Magickal mix includes:

  • Lavender Oil to calm
  • Rosemary Oil to cleanse
  • Cedarwood Oil to ground.

Because sometimes just one oil isn’t enough and these three bring the perfect mix of properties to work some magick. This balm can be used by placing some on your wrists, temples or chest (especially when you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed). It cam also be great for dry skin and nappy rash.

Now what you can’t see is that inside this balm is a piece of Rose Quartz, which is charging the balm with love, another perfect element to bring to nothing but positivity and calllllmmmmm. Topped with lavender and mixed with pure Organic Shea Butter and Almond oil, this little doozy is your new best friend to travel everywhere with you in your bag, won’t talk your ear off but will be there the second you need it!

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