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Brigid Ritual Oil

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The Celtic Goddess of the Flame, a one time druid of the Tuatha De Denann and the keeper of the Cauldron, Brigid is one of the most sacred and loved of the Triple Goddesses. She is a goddess who is close to my heart as she is one of the very first energies I have worked with along my path, appearing to be at the top of a hill, placed into a stone cottage, working her magick as she stirred her cauldron round and round. She always appears to me in the form of a bee or a fox, her way of checking in and will always be there to share wisdom, correct errors or share her views and opinions (sometimes even is she wasn’t asked). 

It has been said that there are three parts to Brigid - one who is in charge of poetry, inspiration and who invented the Ogham Alphabet. Another who aids in healing and midwifery and then the final part who is in charge of the hearth fire, blacksmiths, herbal medicine and other crafts. She is fierce and a true warrior, but can also be the gentle mother who will embrace you and fill you with warmth and care. 

This ritual oil was created for Brigid as a tool to work alongside her magick, call her in when needed and as a daily devotional oil to thank her for her guidance. In this oil you will find a beautiful mixture of Cinnamon, cloves, chamomile and rosemary, as well as magickal oils such as orange, jasmine and a few secret pieces too. 

These ritual oils can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • Anointing magickal tools and an altar space.
  • Anointing oneself to call in her power and aid 
  • A few drops in your ritual bath (a beautiful place for a meditation)
  • Placed on your third eye to connect with her during ritual work or meditation
  • Used as a daily offering for Brigid

This ritual oil was created on a Sunday, a day of empowerment, spiritual connection and invoking the aid of the Goddess and God. It was left for a full Lunar Cycle and bottled during the Full Moon energy of Aries.