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Brigid Potion

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Goddess of the Eternal Flame, the Sacred Well and Creativity. Brigid is such a well-loved and respected Goddess, whose wisdom and guidance are always welcomed and called up in times of need, creation and healing. Brigid, a Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann, has a long association with the Fae and can be a powerful companion when working with Fae Magick. She has a close connection to Fire, therefore can be called in when in need of passion, creativity, motivation and drive.

Brigid is often seen wandering the magickal forests, along the stone walkway to her cottage, it is here she concocts and brews, creates and dives deep into her magick. This oil holds her magick and will guide you in creative endeavours, on your path to wisdom and connecting with the Fae. Oils of Cinnamon, Juniper and Rosemary have been used in this earthy blend.

Each oil has been through ritual, connecting it to their energy of Brigid and has been blessed by their magick. These oils can be used to anoint magickal items, including yourself, used as an offering, in bath rituals or however you feel called to use it.