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Black Salt

$15.00 AUD

This magickal tool isn one of my most favourite items to use for protection of the home. This blend I witchcrafted myself, bringing in elements of protection, banishing, cleansing and clearing. 

Black salt is often used during times where the veil is growing thin, to ensure that negative energy cannot enter the home, but can in my opinion be used all year round as an added protective element for your home, room or sacred space.

I like to place mine on any threshold on the home - e.g the front and back door and windows. Simply sprinkle it in a straight line from one side of the door to the other, putting in your intention of no harm can cross this line, you and your home are now protected.

This Black Salt was witchcrafted by yours truly, using ground charcoal, ashes of White Sage, Epsom Salt and a few other secret ingredients.