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Aura Cleanse

$20.00 AUD

Each and everyone is us has an aura. Every person, animal, tree, flower, bug and bird. As we move about this earth our aura shines around us, interacting with those we come in to contact with, walk past, sit next. Just like our energy, our aura can be influenced both positively and negatively, especially if those interactions are negative. Think of the energy vampires, the negative nancies, the people who leave you feeling not quite yourself.

Just like your space, your aura needs a cleanse to keep it fresh, positive and light. Think of it like your car, you need to give it a wash to keep it looking and feeling nice. 

I have been using this Aura cleanse personally for awhile now, created for myself so I could cleanse my aura before a ritual or after a bad day. Sometimes I can feel when I need to clear away some negative energy from it and this spray always leaves me feeling lighter and lifted. 

I have witchcrafted this beauty using a beautiful blend of essential oils as well has rose Quartz, the ultimate heart warmer. 

This creation is a beautiful tool to mix in with your ritual work and to leave in your bag as another spiritual helping hand throughout the day.