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Artemis Offering Candle

$15.00 AUD

Artemis Offering Candle

There stands Artemis, a bow in her hand,

Goddess of the Hunt, Protector of the land.

She stares at the sky, breathing in the nights glow,

“The Full Moon is here”, She whispered so low.  

Great Artemis, I hope to see you soon,

This candle is your gift as I draw down the power of the Moon. 

Goddess of the Hunt, Protector of Animals, nature and filled with strength and will, Artemis is a powerful Goddess to call in and work along side you in spell work. I often find she comes through strongly on the Full Moon and aids in all Lunar workings, but can be called in when in need of bravery, strength and focus. 

The candle has been dressed with: Blue Cornflower, Mugwort, Jasmine, Rosemary

The Offering candles can be lit and left to burn. Some may use purely during ritual and if you would like to blow them out then that is ok too. These candles worked with in whatever waycalls to you. Always keep your candle burning where you can keep an eye on it. Never leave them unattended.