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Aphrodite Potion

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Goddess of the Ocean, born from the Sea and one who encapsulates beauty and love. Aphrodite is a Goddess who is often misunderstood as Egocentric and Vain, but I have always found her to be one who empowers strong feminine energy, confidence and love of oneself and the first to be able to recognise the beauty that surrounds us in each moment of our day.

This ritual oil was designed to empower those properties. Created using oils of Jasmine, Rosewood and Honeysuckle, this oil is as sweet as a meadow of flowers but holds the strength of the largest waves in the sea. Aphrodite can used called in when working Glamour Magick, Love Magick, particularly self-love, Manifesting Abundance and Prosperity and Growth. As her tale tells us, she was born from the sea and therefore this oil can also be used when working Sea Witchery , Ocean Magick and connecting to the element of Water.

Each oil has been through ritual, connecting it to their energy of Aphrodite and has been blessed by their magick. These oils can be used to anoint magickal items, including yourself, used as an offering, in bath rituals or however you feel called to use it.