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Aphrodite Ritual Oil

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The Goddess of Love and beauty. From the depths of the ocean, she was born, with golden hairs that shines like a mermaid. To our lands she brings love, lust, passion and beauty. With deep knowledge of the old ways, she brings her light and excitement to us and fills us with love for our partners, those near and dear and most importantly a love for ourselves. She teaches us how to embrace our inner Goddess. 

Aphrodite is a Goddess we all would have heard of, for there are many stories in many forms written and retold about her. All would agree she is a goddess of great power, in fact she holds the control of the highest power of all - love. She embodies lust, sexual energy and deep creative vision. They say as she walks the earth, flowers and vines rise from the ground as though she is bringing nature to life with each step. 

This ritual oil was created as an ode to Aphrodite, she sent me ingredients over a long period of time, as though teaching me that all good things come to this who wait. It is a beautiful blend of rose, lemon peel, hibiscus, bladderwrack and jasmine, mixed with oils of grapefruit, rosewood and a few secret items too. This oil brings to life the ocean waves from which she was born, the spicy fragrance of love and the feminine energy straight from flowers themselves.

These ritual oils can be used in a variety of ways such as:

  • Anointing magickal tools and an altar space.
  • Anointing oneself to call in her power and aid 
  • A few drops in your ritual bath (a beautiful place for a meditation)
  • Placed on your third eye to connect with her during ritual work or meditation
  • Used as a daily offering for Aphrodite

This ritual oil has been created on a Friday, the day of Venus and Love - perfect for calling Aphrodite to aid in magick for love, passion, sexual energy, self love and empowerment, self confidence and glamour magick. This oil was left for a full lunar cycle and bottled during thee  Full Moon of Aquarius.