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Aphrodite Offering Candle

$15.00 AUD

Aphrodite Offering Candle

The ocean is deep and the waves can be wild,

From the shore is born Aphrodite the child,

She grows and she loves and watches for those,

Whose heart yearns and it burns like Springs first precious rose. 

The Goddess of beauty, Aphrodite is her name,

This candle is for her, your wish is the flame. 

Goddess of Love, Beauty, born from the ocean, Aphrodite is a Goddess called upon by many. They say the earth blooms with each step she takes. Aphrodite is a beautiful goddess to call in when working on Love, particularly self love, confidence, passion, growth, fertility, connection with the element of water and the ocean. 

This candle has been dressed with: Rose, Damiana, Kelp, Chrysanthemum 

The Offering candles can be lit and left to burn. Some may use purely during ritual and if you would like to blow them out then that is ok too. These candles worked with in whatever waycalls to you. Always keep your candle burning where you can keep an eye on it. Never leave them unattended.