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Shipping & FAQ's

Do I ship internationally?

I certainly do. I am yet to send to outer space, my goal is to eventually find a good courier service soon, until then those aliens will just need to enjoy the Insta photos. But the rest of us on Earth are in good hands.

Ah so much bubble wrap? Why? That can’t be Earth friendly.

I know, I know. But the thing is, those candles love to move and shake and if they are sent with no extra protection, you’ll end up with a very different looking product. The PLUS is all bubblewrap I use is 100% biodegradable, so Earth happy. YAY! I am striving to make a completely environmentally friendly business, so the bubble wrap is guilt free. Tick.

When will my order get here?

Great question. Orders are dispatched in 7-10 days. Sweeeeet!

Who's bringing it to me? 

I originally wanted to use a herd of Pegasus', Pegasusi? Pegasusss, but I only have a double garage and can't store them when at night, so, for domestic deliveries, (in Australia) we use Sendle Couriers and for any PO boxes or international shipping, Aus Post. You will receive a tracking number once it's been dispatched, so you can stalk it until it arrives.

What do I do if I bump into a troll?

I would complement them on their recent wart and just keep moving. They can be super grumpy.

Is this glitter safe?

So the thing is with regular glitter, is it’s actually made of tiny tiny pieces of plastic - which is not safe to burn at all. However the glitter I use in my candles is 100% biodegradable, earth friendly glitter which is free from toxins. So when you light your candle and things start burning, I got your back!

Can I burn my candle with the herbs and crystals still on top?

Sure can! Most of the pieces on top will start to sink down once the candle is lit, although some herbs will get caught in the flame and burn (it’ll be like a little incense hit). But always keep an eye on it when you first start burning. If in doubt and if makes you feel uneasy, you can take them all off and sit them around the edge. Either way, you’re awesome!

How do I know which candle is for me?

The annoying answer is…it’s completely up to YOU! Go with your gut feeling. Is it the colour you’re drawn to? The herbs? The crystal? The name? Something will grab your attention and when you read the intention behind it, it will click as to why that one was waving at you. Instinct and gut feelings never lie. But if you’re STILL in doubt, I also create magickal custom candles too so, you can’t lose! Winner, winner, I want ice-cream for dinner!

What do Faeries eat for breakfast?

I recently googled this and the answer was wild berries, honey, milk and cream.