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Kitchen Witchery Workshop

$80.00 AUD

Double double, toil and trouble, the Witches cauldron boils and bubbles...

Kitchen Witchery is one aspect of magick that we all do nearly every single day. Whether its incorporating herbs in our food, brewing herbal teas, mixing spices or even wiping our benches.

This class dives into the magickal aspect of these every day activities, going over what we can do to heighten your magick, new witchy ways to approach your cooking, ways you can charm your food and your morning coffee and a look into how you can make your kitchen a sacred, magickal space. 

In this class we will also be diving into:

- Learning the art of tea leaf reading and how you can practise this beautiful form of divination for yourself and others.

-Creating a magickal salt blend with every day items you can use in the bath or shower.

- Creating our herbal incense blend to burn at home and bring magick in to your space.

The class will run from 2pm to 5pm, with a break included. The Imbolc Magick class will take place before at 10am. If you are interested in doing both please send Amy a message on instagram and you will receive a $20 discount code. 

This class will be held at a beautiful space at Elfhame, situated in Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges.

Classes are limited to 12 places.