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The Witch's Way - Shawn Robbins

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This follow-up to the wildly successful Wiccapedia gives the reader a wider knowledge of wicca and spellcraft today. The book covers everything from: In-depth explorations into different kinds of witches and what they practice, from hedge witches to druids; a deeper look at cosmic helpers from deities, angels, and spirit guides, to muses and cupids, and more about how to work with them for a wide range of spells A comprehensive section on nature magic from trees to fairies and herbs and flowers How to tap into cosmic power and using colour to enhance your magic A comprehensive section on divination, from developing your sixth sense, mastering tarot, using angel numbers, using astrology to discover your magickal path, and practicing botanomancy, the art of plant and herb divination And a question-and-answer appendix section on the most asked questions everyone want to know about the craft.