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Tarot Magick - 60 Minute Reading

$90.00 AUD

An ancient form of magickal divination, used for many, many years to gather information about what is to come, wisdom and guidance needed to accomplish dreams and goals, an opportunity to look at a situation in a new light and a beautiful tool to look at your year ahead.

For this tarot read, my favourite style is to have a quick check in over email and see if you have a specific question in mind or would just like a general look (e.g 6 month read). Then I go and do my Magick using both a mixture of Tarot and Oracle cards, taking time to go through what cards appear for you and what they have to say.  I find there are so many ways and interpretations of the cards, that I like to take time to really ensure I am getting a personalised reading just for you.

Once that is done we can jump on ZOOM and have our 1 hour session and go over what messages the cards have for you. Alternatively I can also write all my findings in an email and send that over to you in a PDF form, so you can have something to keep and read over. 

Please note: I am not able to do a reading for someone else (e.g friend, sister, husband etc) but I am able to se the impact their situation may have on you or how you can deal/help etc.

I also recommend thinking of an open question for the reading. If allows more information to come through rather than just a Yes or No response.

For example:

What guidance do I need to obtain a new job?

What do I need to know about opening my heart for new love?

Please attach an email address that you would like me to contact you on as well for our first initial chat and to send through ZOOM info/PDF etc.

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