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Sacred Feminine - Ritual Bath Salt

$25.00 AUD

Sacred Feminine energy can be so many things. Fast and ambitious, slow and careful. A deep valley of knowledge and a whimsical child ready to explore. Full of nurturing love but dangerous and unforgiving. She flows like an ocean and soars like the highest wind. She is a  warrior fierce but with a soul that would capture the hearts of many. The Sacred Feminine is an ever changing powerful source of Magick. 

These ritual bath salted were witchcrafted to fill your sacred bath with love, intuition, healing, calm, clarity and goddess energy. Using a mixed of Epsom salt, Himalayan pink salt and magnesium flakes, these will draw out toxins from the body, calm the muscles that have taken you on your journey and relax the mind for a moment of stillness. Inside these salts you will find rose for protection and feminine love, jasmine for happiness, mugwort for deep intuition, damiana for lust and lotus flower to guide you to the wisdom you seek. Essential oils of Rosewood, Thyme and Myrhh have been added to bring balance, protection and connection to your higher spiritual self. 

These ritual salts come with a cotton bag to place your herbs for you bath, or they can be added straight to the water. One third of the bottle is recommended per bath. NOTE: Do not use whilst pregnant.