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The Road Opener Ritual Box

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As we move throughout our lives, we travel along the road overcoming and manoeuvring through the various obstacles, hurdles, twists and turns that come our way. Sometimes our road may be filled with beauty, growth, an open path. Other times we hit rough terrain, bumps and sometimes a complete dead end. 

The Road Opener is a ritual to aid in helping you through a path which may appear blocked or riddled with potential hurdles and complications. It can also be a preventative, to ensure that a journey you are about to embark on is safe, free of troubles and the road ahead remains open. 

This is a powerful ritual, it can be extremely effective and work quickly when done with focus and a clear picture of what it is you hope to obtain or remove. But be aware, sometimes the answers we seek, or the help we ask for may come in forms we never imagined. So be open to all possibilities, signs and solutions that may come to you.

In this ritual box you will find the following items:

- The Road Opener Ritual: Straight from my very own Book of Shadows, I have tinkered and added to this ritual and find this is the most effective for me. This is simply a guide so if you feel called to change or add something, always go with that. 

- A green wish candle: You're green light for your ritual and spell work.

-The Road Opener Incense Blend: A mixture of rosemary, valerian root, agrimony, chamomile, sage and copal has been witchcraft together to aid in turning obstacles upside down, clear the path and encourage a strong and sturdy shift.

- The Road Opener Spray: A beautiful blend of sandalwood, vanilla,, frankincense and other magickal oils which together will aid in your spell work. These magickal sprays have gone through. ritual with the goddess Hecate, Keeper of the keys and goddess of the Crossroads who will help you find the answer you seek. 

- A wish candle holder

I hope this ritual brings you the aid you are looking for and that the road that lay ahead, be open and brighter than every before. 

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