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The Halloween Harvest

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The day of Halloween is fast approaching, pumpkins are ready for carving, costumes are being picked, houses are growing spookier with decorations. For me, Halloween has always be a magickal time. Obviously as a child it meant my creativity could go into hyper drive, as could my sugar levels during trick 0r treating. But as an adult, I love the energy of the veil thinning (being close to both Beltane and Samhain). The souls of those lost stand closer, the creeks in the house because more consistent and the feeling of magick seeps through the air. 

This Candle has been created to celebrate the traditional feel of Halloween and to me nothing does that better than Pumpkin Spice. The combination of spices fills the air with a delicious and festive scent, creating a cosy vibe but ensuring the Halloween magick is very much alive and well.