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The Lover Candle

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The love of another, the love for a child, the love of your life and love for yourself. Our hearts are often pulled in so many directions, expanding, yearning, calling for love of some kind to fill us with magick and light. The candle of the Lover, does not have one single purpose, it does not simply call in the dark, handsome stranger, but instead it opens your heart to receive love of all kinds. To strengthen bonds, to throw fuel of the fires of lust you already had inside of you and more importantly to remind you that you are enough and more than you ever thought. To love ourselves is the most powerful magick of all, because it allows us to be open to receive more than we ever thought possible.

Witchcrafted with:

A scent of Violet Leaves and Frosted berries brings a sweetness to the room, with violets having a long association with love spells

Herbs of Damiana, Rose and Chrysanthemum were used for love, lust, happiness and joy, but also protection for the heart. 

Rose Quartz is placed on top to warm the heart and open yourself to to receive love.

"I am worthy of Love and Happiness"

These candles have been created using Soy Wax. Burn time 30-35 hours.